Abachi Wooden Panel

Abachi wooden panel – luxurious new products

EmotionWood is constantly developing its products. All employees are given the freedom to experiment with different products and solutions. Our newest products started by experimenting with existing Hexagon products, and after burning, the result was luxurious-looking Abachi wooden panels.

What is an Abachi tree?

Abachi is a palm tree from Africa that grows in the tropics. The Abachi tree has a uniform porous structure and low density, which in turn prevents the tree from overheating. The wood also adapts perfectly to the outside temperature, which makes Abachi panels an ideal building material for saunas. The natural color of the fruit is milky white but can also be light yellow. In addition, the Abachi tree has no burls, which makes this tree species easy to handle.

Abachi wooden panel – where and when to use?

Abachi wooden panels are especially suitable for use indoors and in saunas. As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of Abachi is its low thermal conductivity, as a result of which the outer surface of the wood heats up slowly. The wood also adapts quickly to the outdoor temperature – if you lean on the Abachi wooden panel in the sauna, it quickly adapts to your body temperature. So, if you want to achieve a luxurious look but practicality in the interior design of the steam room, Abachi wooden panel is the ideal solution.

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A selection of new products from EmotionWood

Four Abachi wooden panels manufactured on Yakisugi method have been added to the selection of EmotionWood to help make your interior more exciting and luxurious. Yakisugi is a Japanese wood charring technology that is a natural way to process wood. This gives the wood an aesthetic appearance and makes it resistant to the effects of the outdoor environment. During the charring process, beautiful tones and patterns of wood become visible.

  • Hexagon Abachi brushed Yakisugi

Gorgeous variegated Abachi wooden panel that creates a timeless and fresh impression in the room. The asymmetrical hexagonal pattern looks trendy, and the Abachi playing with contrasts on each panel creates a unique look. The joints are beautifully bright and play in the light.

Abachi wooden panel - luxurious new products
  • Hexagon thermo Abachi brushed Yakisugi

The deep and even brown tone is an ideal source of coziness and warmth. The contrast, even between the joints, is more modest, but the overall look is dignified and tasteful.

Abachi wooden panel - luxurious new products
  • Hexagon termo Abachi Yakisugi

The dark burnt top layer gives the room a Nordic feel. The lines between the shapes are almost of bronze color, which gives the panel a refined look.

Abachi wooden panel - luxurious new products
  • Hexagon Abachi Yakisugi

The dark-toned panel and the contrast play of light lines are an ideal way to highlight the pattern – the surface is adorned with beautiful asymmetrical hexagons.

Abachi wooden panel - luxurious new products

The new Hexagon Abachi product line looks chic and provides an opportunity to create unique decorative walls with a unique pattern throughout the interior. The stylish wood panel will help you to enrich the living room, kitchen, corridor, and sauna, but why not even the bedroom.

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