About us

Timeless design

EmotionWood is a team of unique people, whose goal is to produce decorative wood panels with a unique touch. We create solutions that combine warmth, coziness, and closeness with nature and natural materials together with timeless design.

Innovative solutions

We are motivated by the opportunity to create solutions that are sustainable and high quality. We are proud of what we have already succeeded, at the same time being equally excited about the future, because of our good ideas and people.

Custom solutions

EmotionWood cares about the environment

We have an interest in design and interior design, but more importantly, we value sustainability, the environment and the value of wood. Waste of raw materials and materials inevitably goes hand in hand with design and quality. It is like a fee to be paid, because quality must be a priority or vice versa - a quality product cannot be affordable and widespread. We are here to confirm the opposite - the decorative wood panels created by EmotionWood are high quality, affordable and environmentally sustainable. We value wood and do not waste it.

Environmentally friendly

EmotionWood is versatile:

The product series we have created tolerates both, the winter frost and the heat of the sauna. EmotionWood decorative wood panels are suitable for:

Safety is our priority

We can offer you panels with a fire safety certificate (EU standard).

If it is a public space or a residential building where many people are present, fire safety is essential. You can, of course, use our wooden panels without fire-protection treatment. However, depending on the site and customer requirements, treatment can make the building or room safer.

Texterior and Ultra are both waterborne impregnants with highest efficacy (Euroclass B-s1,d0, corresponds to Class 0 in British Standards). They have several advantages compared to other similar products.

Health safety and Environmental friendliness: halogen-free, none of the ingredients is listed as toxic, carcinogenic or otherwise hazardous.

We use Ultra treatment. Ultra is much more effective than competing manually applied fire retardants, providing double-protection mechanism – in addition to charcoaling of the surface it will also have slight froth, inherent to intumescent fire retardant paints.

Appearance of treated wood stays natural.

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Wood types

The selection includes panels with oak, walnut, ash, olive, Abachi, Thermo wood and Yakisugi burning technique.

To make our products, we use wood scraps from Estonian sawmills, i.e. we give wood a new life.

The expected life of wood treated with the Yakisugi technique is 50-60 years, if it is regularly maintained. As a result of burning, the pores in the wood begin to shrink and eventually close. As a result, it is harder for water and moisture to penetrate the pores. Burning is one of the possible ways to extend the life of wood. The layer of coal formed during burning is so-called dead wood, and therefore life activity does not take place in this layer.

Wood processed in this technique is very eye-catching and elegant.

EmotionWood wooden panels are 100% handmade.

About installation

EmotionWood makes products in different sizes. For example Hexagon, Pinecone, Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby, Promenade. We make all these products according to the measurements given by the customer.For installation, we leave some of the pieces on the product unattached. From these places, the panel can be attached to the rafter with a screw. Once this is done, a piece of panel is glued to hide the screw hole. We always provide extra glue for the pieces.

Made-to-measure panels, for example Impressa 58, Noble 15, Noble 23, Square 58, Trail 23 and Trail 58. These products are made in parquet style 115x765mm. For the installation of this product, we recommend using cold- and heat-resistant silicone glue and preferably a nail gun. We can provide you step-by-step installation video material.

We also offer our own installation and surveying service.

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