Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels – a piece of nature in your interior

Wooden wall panels are a decorative interior design solution that offers an emotional interior element both indoors and outdoors. What makes these wall panels special is both the pattern and the shapes that are created when assembling the panels – each wall is different. Wooden wall panels are also natural, and using them brings a bit of nature to your interior.

A wooden wall panel is unique

When decorating a room, you can let your imagination fly. If there is a shortage of ideas, the empty wall can be filled with an interesting and unique wooden wall panel, the tiles of which are all different. This is due to the pattern of the wood, which is always different for different woods. In addition, the range of EmotionWood products includes wall panels with different shapes and appearances – diamond, geometric, wood chips, and burnt wood. Wood also absorbs noise. Due to this, in addition to their beautiful appearance, the wood panels are also functional.

Wood is an environmentally-friendly choice

EmotionWood wooden wall panels are made by our masters, for whom every type of wood is like precious wood, which they value highly. Wood is a renewable and natural raw material that takes quite a long time to mature. It is therefore important that the raw material is used judiciously and without waste. Wood is also a recyclable material – at the end of its useful life, it can be reused or recycled.

Different shades of wooden wall panel

The wooden panel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the wood, the result is different in nature and appearance. The darker shade panel conveys coziness, elegance, and Nordic flair. On the other hand, natural tones are soothing and warm, creating a cozy feeling. The characteristic features of light tones are a fresh, clear, and timeless appearance. Visit the EmotionWood Facebook Gallery for the latest interior design ideas.


If you are interested in wood wall panels or have been thinking about making your home or other environment both modern and interesting, EmotionWood will come to your assistance. Please get in touch with us here.