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The decorative wall panel: a unique interior design solution

When building, refurbishing, or designing a new home or public space, we always look for ways in which we can make our surroundings special and cosy. A decorative wall panel is ideal for an interesting, modern, and environmentally-friendly interior design and appearance. The natural and special appearance of the panel can make any room unique. EmotionWood has wall panels for any occasions, whether for a sauna, an office, a restaurant, or even for a building façade.

Hand-made wall panel

Each EmotionWood wooden panel is 100% hand-made. Wood is a natural material, which means that each panel or cut comes with its own unique pattern. In turn this means that every wall panel is unique whether it is installed in the home, or in the office, or as part of a building façade. It is also important to us that we can ensure that any manually-processed panels are of the highest levels of quality and that each entire wood panel can be used without any of it having to be rejected because of quality concerns.

A selection of different types of hardwood and different styles

The panels are made from a very natural material: wood, which has a characteristic warm and cosy appearance. The selection of any product in the EmotionWood range includes options for several different forms of deciduous wood materials, especially hardwood. The range includes oak, ash, walnut, maple, cherry, olive, birch, Abachi, and thermally-processed wood. All of those wood types have their own characteristics shades and patterns which can be used to create unique interior design solutions. There are also twenty different designs which will enrich any selection to make the wall panel as special as possible.

A wall panel for indoor or outdoor conditions

As mentioned above, the wood panels in the EmotionWood range can be used indoors as well as on a building façade. The panels are available in finished or unfinished form, depending upon where they will be installed. If panels are to be installed in a brightly lit or easily-soiled location, the prevailing advice is to have each panel varnished, stained, oiled, or wind-proofed to ensure that it is able to retain its fresh appearance for as long as possible.

Create a unique design for your home or public space

The wood panels in the EmotionWood range allow you to let your fantasy flow wild, placing a host of different solutions at your fingertips. For indoor conditions, a wood wall panel creates a pleasant, natural atmosphere. In outdoor conditions, a wood panel house is unique by its very nature, always harmonising well with its surroundings. The panels are quick and easy to install, which allows you to give your rooms a unique appearance in just a few hours.

If you are interested in wood wall panels or have been thinking about making your home or other environment both modern and interesting, EmotionWood will come to your assistance. Please get in touch with us here.